Since it is not of vital importance for a neophyte to know the positions of all the players, we will name the most important ones:

Quarterback: the player who receives the ball in each turn, and for the most part, in charge of making the pass in each play. Not only must he be an excellent athlete to avoid the attacks of rivals while he has the ball, but he must be quite intelligent, because in all plays he must know the movement that the rest of his teammates will make, to know where to send the ball.

Offensive line: consists of 5 fixed men, and usually a 6th player (called the Tight End, also called a “Wild Card””). They are the” barrier “” that will block the defenders to allow the Quarterback time to perform the pass. They cannot receive the ball, only block, except the Tight End that can receive it. In this line is the Center, which is the one that passes the ball under their legs to the Quarterback (the QB) to start the play.

Wide Receiver: In Spanish, the receptors. When the Center delivers the ball to the QB, are the ones that are unchecked to receive the pass.

Running Back: In Spanish, the runners. Trying a pass is pretty risky, so many times the QB gives the ball to a runner, who usually sits behind him. They try to advance as many yards as possible.

Here we can see a “standard “” attack: the line of 5, with the center (square) that will entangle the ball to the QB, and the Tight End to the right, which according to the play will block the defense, or run as another receiver. On the sides the receivers themselves, which will detach at the start of the attack, and behind the QB the two corridors. In case the play is race, it will be one of these that receives the ball. Obviously, before starting an attack the coach tells the QB the predefined play they’re going to make, and all players know the moves they have to make.

Depending on the play, there will be more receivers or more runners… in this position the QB receives the ball “hand with hand” from the Center, in the position “shotgun” the QB is delayed at the distance of the runners, and the ball grabs it by the air.

In defense, there are basically cornerbacks, which are the” x’s “” next to the WR, the fastest and the ones that cover them. The two most backward are the Safeties, which are the ones who close the defense and are going to try to stop the receivers in case they escape. The 3 Linebackers, who are in the middle, of” wild cards,”” according to the play will run backward to avoid the pass or forward to avoid the race, and the 4 of the defensive line, glued to the offensive, which will go for the QB.

As this is not the same, let’s take an example: the video summary starts in the second 46, we see an attack by the Red Team (New England Patriots). The television broadcast already marks the situation: it is the 1st Down (the first attempt of the 4), and they are obviously 10 yards from starting again with a 1st turn, and that yard already marks it with a yellow line. His first attack is a move of the race: The QB gets the ball from the center, it is given into the hand of your broker (the one before the start of the play is more in the back of all of them), and only gets to move forward a yard.