Antonio Cromartie’s incredible story: 12 children (and a vasectomy)

The body of a football player is thought to receive a lot of punishment and brutal hits during the practice of this sport. Therefore, many of the professionals in this sport are considering donating their bodies to science after their death, so that the damage caused by the blows received on a football field is scientifically studied.

However, what happened with former player Antonio Cromartie shows that the reproductive organs do not suffer any harm.

More often than not, plans don’t go the way you thought. Because it looks like science has these little miracles that make two more people sit at the table in nine months. Tell that to the player of the New York Jets, Antonio Cromartie that has become news after his wife, Terricka, announced her twin pregnancy.

But the news doesn’t just end there. Because what is most striking about this particular situation is that the twin pregnancy occurred after the American player had a vasectomy.

“”I didn’t even tell Antonio right away that I was pregnant because I didn’t think it was possible for it to happen,”” says the future (new) mom, Terricka, in an interview. “”I was spinning in my head, wondering what had happened. In addition, we were having free sex (without protection) because, honestly, I thought that the vasectomy was the best protection that we could have. But, somehow still I got pregnant””.

But things didn’t turn out the way they thought and, the football star, is now a twins ‘ dad.

“”When she told me what had happened, I didn’t know what to say to her,”” says Cromartie himself. “”I think I said something like, Oh, shit! Are you serious? But how did this happen? It was really shocking.”” However, over time, it seems that the idea does not displease the sportsman so much. “”I have taken some time to process it, but it is God’s will. And since then, I have been nervous about the arrival of babies.””

However, to top it all off, the story gets a little crazier. Because it is not that this is more news in itself, and not because they are pregnant after a vasectomy or because we are talking about the man who is credited with the longest play in the history of the NFL (Sportsman of legend as the father of the Kardashians); it is because these will be their children number 11 and 12.

Cromartie is known in the United States for being the father of at least (yes, he doubts some paternities yet) ten children with eight different women living in six different states. In the case of his current wife, Terricka, she is the mother of two of his little ones. So for this football star (who also had her own reality show in America like these famous sisters) changing diapers won’t be something new this time.

Now, after the announcement of the new pregnancy, the couple has announced that, after giving birth, they will put in a more effective remedy not to become parents again by surprise: Terricka will undergo tubal ligation. “”So we won’t have a surprise like this,”” he says…