Mike Ditka KEEPR – Bears Football collectible featuring NFL video, photos, stats

The Mike Ditka KEEPR is the perfect football gift for Chicago Bears fans! This NFL collectible comes with iconic AP photography, career stats, and 45 minutes of select highlights and interviews from the NFL Films vault. KEEPR let’s you relive Mike Ditka’s greatest and most memorable moments. Watch the demo>>


Note:Windows Only
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  • Although he is known for redefining the tight end position, some of Mike Ditka’s greatest football accomplishments were achieved from the sidelines. KEEPR NFL Legends delivers them all like no other. From his record-breaking years as a player to his success as a coach, you’ll be there for every moment that made Ditka an NFL legend. See video of:
  • • Ditka leads the way to 31-0 win over 49ers
  • • Ditka scores 3 TD as Bears crush Rams 38-17
  • • The 1963 championship season
  • • Coach Ditka builds a winner in Chicago
  • • Super Bowl XX – Ditka’s greatest triumph
  • • Ditka’s multiple moods as player and coach
  • • And much, much more